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Dual Roller Blinds

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Dual Roller blinds provide privacy and heat control during the day and night, with a combination of Blockout and Sunfilter fabrics on a dual bracket you have the best of both worlds at your window.  In effect two blinds in one to give you complete coverage across your window.  Simply roll them away if you are not using them, available with matching accessories and bottom rail options.



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About This Product

When you want the best of both worlds, you can have it. Dual Roller blinds give you shade control, great visibility and also privacy, so how is this achieved, simply by putting a Blockout roller blind and a Sunfilter roller blind on a dual bracket system and having both blinds in your window frame.

Dual roller blinds consist of two blinds, a Blockout roller blind for privacy at night and a Sunfilter roller blind for heat control during the day.

Both blinds are mounted on a dual bracket system with one in front and slightly below the other.

Each blind can still be operated independently of each other as they have there own chain.

You can decide if you want both chains on one side or on opposite sides.

A Dual Roller blind utilises a dual bracket system which is designed to mount two blinds on one bracket.  As you can imagine two blinds take up more space than one in your window frame so the bracket used is bigger than a single blind bracket.

 Click here to view specifications of our Dual Roller Blind Bracket

Click here to view specifications of out Blockout Roller blind fabric.

Click here to view specifications of our Sunfilter Roller Blind fabric

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